income expenses 2014

The organization is based on the open source concept, everything that happens with the revenue, is transparent.
We are a bit proud that we have calculate and estimated the needs of the congress correct.

We had 5,580, – € expenditures and have 7,700 – € ingested.

A very big thank you to the speaker, all have very accommodating negotiated – many have entirely dispensed with their fees.

expenses 2014
rent 1150
Expenditure on lecturers (travel expenses, board, fees) 1875
food, travel expenses, technic rent
Hosting und Web 220
print media 181
post 36
catering for speaker 720
video editig 500
public relations 350
income 2014
Cash received box office: 3570
presale 4130
Summe 7.700

Thus we have an excess of 2,120 . We share this amount in 2 x € 1,060. We distribute the first part still proportionately to the speakers, we take the second part as seed funding for the congress 2016th

We had 31 speakers on the Entheo science 2014th